Iita, Lotta & Mönkä.


My name is Eija Eronen. I live in Finland, nearby the Arctic Circle in a town called Rovaniemi with my my dogs, Rottweiler girl Wunderweiler Ökkömönkiäinen a.k.a “Manki” and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog girl Aurora aus der Wistedter Rappelkiste a.k.a "Missi".
Rottweiler girl Wunderweiler Änkeröinen a.k.a “Mokkelo” and Rottweiler boy Wunderweiler Örkki a.k.a “Bruno” live with my parent’s in Ähtäri

 My hobby with Rottweilers started in 1980’s and our first Rottweiler litter was born in 1991. The mother of the litter was my first Rottweiler called Sansini. At the same time me and my father Erkki Eronen got our kennel name, Wunderweiler. Therefore our litters have grew up here with me here in Rovaniemi and with my parent’s in Ähtäri. In 2010 arrived two Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.


Our goal is to breed sociable, friendly, healthy dogs that fit in a society; nice dogs to live and work with. Litters are bred with love among family.

We hope the new owners of the puppies consider puppies as great powerful dogs but also as loved family members. It’s always nice, if the owner is keen to do some activities with the dog, like obedience, dog rescue activities, or just jogging and hiking.

Wunderweiler A-litter, Sansini and her puppies 1991..


Searching with "Mönkä".

I’m very happy that our puppies have had such nice families and opportunity to be truly "the man’s best friends". Only a few dogs have changed their homes.

Dog activities like obedience, search and rescue are particularly close to my heart. With my Rottweiler Uso vom Weiltal a.k.a “Rysky” we competed in obedience and search. With the search we had success and the highest prizes.

Erkki and "Mokkelo" & "Bruno"